Its no surprise that over the last 10 years a lot of so called “youtubers” are making a stack of cash doing prank videos. Now im not saying i dont like a good prank, its the fact most of these pranks are just straight up lame and they deserve to get there ass kicked.
I remember watching one where this little white dude would go up to much bigger, thug looking guys and ask “hey, wanna see my woody?” Now i know you might be thinking, whats the prank? Well, in his hand he would be holding a little toy. The little toy was Woody from the toy story. Funny, right? Not really, If you don’t know its a prank, how would you honestly feel if some random walked up to you and asked “wanna see my woody?” Lets just say he got what was coming to him. After that there has been plenty of spin offs, like “Wanna see my nuts” and “wanna see my weenier” Watch the videos below to see what im talking about.